About us, Abloc.

We’re driven by passion. Simple as that.

Inspiring you to achieve more than you thought you could, in nature, with others who share your passion, is what keeps us going.

In cycling parlance, à bloc means giving it all you’ve got.

It’s when you react on instinct, attacking when opportunity strikes. It’s you going flat out, like a bat out of hell. It’s you digging deep, never looking over your shoulder. It’s you at the finish line, celebrating the fact that you’ve achieved the impossible. You have gone Abloc. You deserve to celebrate.

“It is about pushing through your limits, together.”

For us, Abloc is about daring you to believe that voice inside of you saying “I could do that”. It’s about pushing through your limits, together. We want to encourage and inspire. We want you to be part of that – encouraging and inspiring others.

We want to create opportunities and events that inspire people to lead a more active life. We want your bike to be the tool that changes lives.

One more thing. We want to you to experience the group dynamic cycling is famous for. Your individual achievement is so much more powerful – and more fun – when it’s shared with others.

Abloc always has been and always will be about cycling. Just because we’re a bunch of crazy cyclists, doesn’t mean that’s all we do.

We are open and receptive to new initiatives and ideas, especially those that others might consider madness. We usually call that fun! We’d love to hear from you – and to make it happen, together.

Tell us about your journey, your crazy ideas, or what you ate for breakfast. Talk to us. You’ll find us in the bottom left corner. We’re waiting!