Abloc MTB Clinic Ulricehamn

Welcome to a lovely day of mountain biking at Lassalyckan, Ulricehamn.

The event is for those who want to learn the basics of mountain biking and for you who have been cycling for a while and want to get advice and training tips to help you and your cycling to the next level.

We will have the course at the fantastic Lassalyckan, which is an official "Vasalopp-center". That means high demands on training opportunities, housing and skills regarding technology and food. The appointment is a quality assurance for facilities with a conscious commitment to one of Vasaloppet's three disciplines: skiing, running and mountain biking.

We start at 09:00 at Hotel Lassalyckan with the introduction of the day and a theory part of about one hour.
The theory part includes, among other things, a review of different types of bikes, balance, gear selection, track selection, brake technique, climbing and downhill riding.

After the theory part, we enter the glorious environment together to practice what we have learned and we divide ourselves into two groups based on previous experience. The practical part consists of exercises on different types of obstacles and a bike ride in the immediate area, a total of three hours. We will guide you on the best trails and roads in the area.
On the way, we’ll pass some breathtaking view points and some tougher paths and technical elements on the leafy hills which surround Lake Åsunden.

Halfway through the tour there will be homemade Swedish fika and coffee from the local coffee roaster.

We finish the cycling at 13:00 with a joint lunch and reflect on where we learned and experienced during the day at Hotel Lassalyckan.

Warmly welcome to an educational and fun day together!

During the course we will go through the following points in detail:

o Safety: What should you bring on a bike ride?
o Clothing: Tips on clothing choices for various weather types and cycling.
o Bicycle types: Hardtail, Full suspension etc.
o Tires and air pressure: Choice of tires for different types of conditions.
o Bike settings: Optimize your bike.
o Brakes: Different types and adjustments.

o Braking: How should the brake be used in different situations?
o Gear selection: When and how do I switch to the best gear?
o Balance: Maximize the bracket through balance and weight distribution in all situations.
o Contact points on the bike: Pedals, hands and saddle. How and why?
o Riding style: Find the flow, let the bike do the job.
o Track selection: Which road is best, straight / round?
o Obstacles: Over roots, rocks, logs and deep clay ponds / streams.
o Climbing: How I do my best.
o Pre-run: Safe and fast.

Training Tips
o Balance: Exercise breaks down - resting up
o Strength: Both physical and mental strength gives you benefits.

Practical training
• We start with exercises where we go through what we learned in the theory part. Brake technique, gear selection and balance.
• We practice different types of climbs, downhills and obstacles.
• We fine-tune the riding style and track selection on different types of trails.


Saturday August 31st

Day starts

Day ends
Around 13:00 with lunch

Maximum 15 (at least 10)

2 experienced Abloc guides

Entry fee
795 SEK (including VAT)

Is it fun?